Demand Side Analytics


We attract, motivate, and develop highly dedicated team members. All our staff is trained on research methods and analysis of AMI, end-use, and SCADA data specifically related to the electric and gas sectors. Our staff is mainly comprised of data scientist, statisticians, economists, and public policy experts. Most staff is in Atlanta and the San Francisco Bay Area, with additional staff in San Diego, Colorado, and New York.

Jesse Smith Demand Side Analytics

Jesse Smith, M.S.


Jesse Smith is an applied statistician whose work is centered around estimating the impacts of demand side

Josh Bode Demand Side Analytics

Josh Bode, M.P.P.


Josh Bode specializes in advanced applications of data analytics using large volumes of hourly and sub-hourly
Alana Lemarchand Demand Side Analytics

Alana Lemarchand, B.S.


Ms. Lemarchand’s work has focused an array of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) from solar photo-voltaic to electric

Adriana Ciccone demand side analytics

Adriana Ciccone, M.S.


Ms. Ciccone has extensive expertise with analysis of smart meter data, rate design, potential studies, and impact evaluation for

Steve Morris, M.S.

Senior Consultant

Mr. Morris is an applied statistician with wide exposure to evaluation with interval data. Since joining Demand Side 

Marshall Blundell, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Blundell is an economist with strong technical skills and over a decade of experience in research and analysis supporting utility

Savannah Horner Demand Side Analytics

Savannah Horner, M.S.


Ms. Horner joined Demand Side Analytics in 2021 after completing a Master’s in Economics at Georgia Tech., where she also

Molly Sobel Demand Side Analytics

Molly Sobel, B.A.

Operations Manager

Molly serves as both the administrative cornerstone of the company and the director of the Demand Side Analytics recruiting

Davis Farr, M.A.


Mr. Farr joined Demand Side Analytics in 2021, based primarily in North Carolina. Previously, he completed a bachelor’s degree in

Hal Gordon Demand SIde Analytics

Hal Gordon, Ph.D.


Hal joined DSA in 2023 after completing his Ph.D. in Agriculture and Resource Economics from UC Berkeley, where his research

Tim Larsen, Ph.D.


Tim Larsen is an economist who specializes in applied econometrics. He loves policy analysis and is fascinated by

Patrik Demand Side Head Shot

Patrik Karlovic, M.S.

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Patrik Karlovic is an Applied Data Scientist at Demand Side Analytics. With an MS in Data Science from Bellevue University, 

Parker Gauthier Demand SIde Analytics

Parker Gauthier, M.A.

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Parker’s interests lie at the crossroads of data science and energy analysis. After completing his Master’s in Economics at the

John Walkington Demand SIde Analytics

John Walkington, M.A.

Senior Quantitative Analyst

John Walkington is an economist whose interests include machine learning, causal inference methods, and applied 

Candace Yee Demand SIde Analytics

Candace Yee, M.S.

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Candace completed a Data Science Master’s degree at UC Berkeley while working as a product intelligence intern

Sophie Andrews, B.S.

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Sophie Andrews employs skills in data manipulation, econometrics, and data visualization to answer questions related to the ongoing

Nixon Candiales, M.A.

Quantitative Analyst

Nixon is a Data Scientist with a background in Economics, specializing in causal inference research designs applied to real-

Zhuoning Li, M.A.

Quantitative Analyst

Zhuoning joined Demand Side Analytics in 2023 after completing a Master’s degree in Economics from Duke University where she

Melissa McLaughlin Demand Side Analytics

Melissa McLaughlin, B.S.

Recruiting Specialist

Melissa joined the Demand Side Analytics recruiting team to assist in the coordination of recruitment for various energy

Kathy Kunz Demand Side Analytics

Kathy Arangio Kunz, B.A.

Recruiting Specialist

Kathy completed a B.A. degree in English Education at Ithaca College. She joined the Demand Side Analytics recruiting team to