Demand Side Analytics


Parker Gauthier

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Parker’s interests lie at the crossroads of data science and energy analysis. After completing his Master’s in Economics at The University of Texas at Austin, Mr. Gauthier has brought to Demand Side Analytics his skills in economic modeling, regression analysis, and machine learning. With DSA, Parker has gained hands-on experience in conducting a variety of analyses on topics such as demand response, time-of-use electricity rates, and regulatory policy. His experience has facilitated his understanding of the electricity grid, underpinning both technical insights and effective communication with a diverse clientele. Parker’s technical skills are founded in programming languages such as STATA, R, SQL, and Python. This combination equips him to provide effective analyses of a wide variety of utility programs.  Examples of recent project work include:

  • Automating rapid evaluations for demand response events using hourly AMI data
  • Verifying electric and gas savings due to the implementation of energy efficiency measures using relevant Technical Resource Manuals
  • Estimating impacts to water usage from landscape transformations using daily usage data
  • Performing a review of claimed savings from residential solar installations using hourly AMI data
  • Analyzing load shifting and price elasticities as a result of electric vehicle time-of-use rates