Demand Side Analytics




Improving Customer Choice, Reducing Bills, and Shifting Loads Via Time Varying Rates (Link to slides )

Josh Bode, Tim Larsen, & Brian Kurtz (PSEG-Long Island)

PLMA Spring Conference 2024 (Portland)

Yes, Smart Thermostats Can Do More Than DR! 

Josh Bode, Wendy Brummer (PG&E), & Chris Lefaivre (Uplight)

PLMA Spring Conference 2024 (Portland)

Forecasting Time-Based Emissions Rates for Avoided Cost Calculations (Link to slides)

Davis Farr

AESP Annual Conference 2024 (Portland)

2023 Pennsylvania Nonresidential Energy Efficiency Baseline Study (Link to slides)

Jesse Smith & Tim Larsen

Pennsylvania PUC Act 129 Stakeholder Meeting

Using Customer Preferences to Guide Grid-Conscious Rate Design (Link to slides)

Alana Lemarchand, Stephanie Bieler & Liz Kelley (ILLUME)

AESP Webinar Jan. 18, 2024


The Impact & Effectiveness of Time-Varying Pricing on Electric Vehicle Charging Behavior (Link to slides)

Josh Bode & Erich Kevari (SDG&E)

PLMA 2023 EV Symposium (Detroit)


Investigating the Potential for Residential PV Systems Paired with a Home Battery System to Support California’s Grid Reliability (Link to slides)

Stephanie Bieler & Albert Chiu (PG&E)

PG&E ET Summit

Best Practices for Evaluating Use of Distributed Energy Resources as Non-Wire Alternatives (Link to slides)

Josh Bode

PUC Peer-Sharing Webinars on Integrated Distribution System Planning 

PG&E RTP Research Results/Using Customer Preferences to Guide Climate- and Grid-Conscious Rate Design in California (Link to slides)

Alana Lemarchand

2023 BECC Conference (Sacramento)

A Tale of Two Pilots – Residential Battery Storage as a Grid Resource (Link to slides)

Josh Bode & Savannah Horner

2023 AEIC-WLRA Spring Conference (Vancouver)

Delivering Pay-for-Performance Programs that Rely on Measuring Savings at the Meter – What Works and What Doesn’t (Link to slides) 

Savannah Horner

2023 AEIC-WLRA Spring Conference (Vancouver)


Using Thermostats for Daily Automated TOU Response and Event-Based Response (Link to slides)

Josh Bode & Wendy Brummer (PG&E)

2022 PLMA Fall Conference (Scottsdale, AZ)

The R.E.D. Carpet of Thermostat Optimization (Link to slides)

Jesse Smith

International Energy Program Evaluation Conference (IEPEC) 2022. San Diego, CA

Population NMEC and Commercial Buildings: Confronting COVID and Other Non-Routine Events (Link to slides) 

Josh Bode & Stephanie Bieler

2022 ACEEE Summer Study (Monterrey, CA)


Performance During System Emergencies: What Lessons Can We Learn? (Link to slides) 

Adriana Ciccone & Stephanie Bieler

2021 WLRA Spring Conference

Assessing the Accuracy of Energy Efficiency Evaluation Methods in a Pandemic (Link to slides)

Adriana Ciccone

2021 WLRA Spring Conference

Load Analysis for Distribution Planning: Applied Examples (Link to slides)

Josh Bode

2021 AEIC Load Research Spring Conference

Battery Pilot Design: Tapping into Under-Utilized Flexible Resources (Link to slides)

Stephanie Bieler

2021 AEIC Load Research Spring Conference

Simulation-Based Power Analysis: Practical Lessons and Applications (Link to slides)

Josh Bode

2021 WLRA 2021 Fall Conference