Demand Side Analytics


Demand Side Analytics (DSA) was formed in 2016 to help utilities and regulatory agencies navigate the technical, economic, and policy challenges of building a smarter and cleaner energy future. Our research focuses on impact analysis as well as predictive & causal analytics. We deliver data-driven insights into how various technologies and interventions affect the way homes and businesses use energy and how those in turn affect grid and system planning. 


Core Services

We provide expert analysis, forecasting, and policy advice across a wide range of energy topics, including energy efficiency, demand response programs, rate design, DERs, T&D planning, transportation electrification, and greenhouse gas emissions. 


We regularly communicate our findings at industry conferences and in published reports. Click below to browse topics we’ve studied and read our latest analyses: 

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Our Team

Jesse Smith Demand Side Analytics

Jesse Smith, M.S.


Jesse Smith is an applied statistician whose work is centered around estimating the impacts of demand
Josh Bode Demand Side Analytics

Josh Bode, M.P.P.


Josh Bode specializes in advanced applications of data analytics using large volumes of hourly and sub-hourly
Alana Lemarchand Demand Side Analytics

Alana Lemarchand


Ms. Lemarchand’s work has focused an array of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) from solar photo-voltaic to electric vehicles
Adriana Ciccone demand side analytics

Adriana Ciccone, M.S.


Ms. Ciccone has extensive expertise with analysis of smart meter data, rate design,