Demand Side Analytics


Demand Side Analytics (DSA) was formed in 2016 to help utilities and regulatory agencies navigate the technical, economic, and policy challenges of building a smarter and cleaner energy future. Our research focuses on impact analysis as well as predictive and causal analytics. We deliver data-driven insights into how various technologies and interventions affect the way homes and businesses use energy and how those in turn affect grid and system planning. We have a proven record for conducting high-quality, accurate, and unbiased analysis and are meticulous about ensuring that research is useful for policy decisions, operations, and implementation.

We offer extensive expertise in evaluation measurement and verification (EM&V), distributed energy resource integration, transmission and distribution system planning, targeting analytics, and benefit cost analysis. The strength of our team is that we provide true access to true experts. Our team includes data scientists, applied statisticians, economists, public policy experts, and engineers. Demand Side Analytics experts have implemented over 60 large scale studies.

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