Demand Side Analytics


Molly Sobel

Operations Manager

Molly serves as both the administrative cornerstone of the company and the director of the Demand Side Analytics recruiting team. Molly is responsible for human resources tasks, employee benefits organization, sourcing & onboarding new hires, event planning, marketing, and (she contributes to) proposal writing for new business development. Molly leads a team of recruiters who primarily connect with the residential and commercial customers of utility companies and regulatory agencies to enlist their engagement in energy efficiency programs and studies. This outreach also includes hosting stakeholder interviews, promoting survey participation, scheduling site inspections, large-volume email distribution, and administration of program incentive payouts. Molly’s recruiting team holds a 115% recruitment success rate for completed projects.

Molly designs and teaches biweekly Pilates classes as part of the company’s wellness program. In her personal time, Molly can be found with her family in the kitchen or at the lake.