Demand Side Analytics


Andrea Hylant


Andrea’s primary areas of interest are the integration of distributed energy resources, consumer energy use analysis, and load forecasting. She is experienced with statistical and machine learning computing and visualization languages including Python, Stata, Excel, Tableau, and Power BI. Examples of recent project work include:  

  • Automating the collection of EV vehicle registration data to provide up to date information on EV penetration and adoption for each municipality in NY
  • Developing a specialized bill calculator with AMI data to analyze customer bill impacts with and without solar, battery storage, and DR
  • Developing analytics dashboard for identifying and targeting high-value for DR, battery storage, and solar + battery storage
  • Analyzing water heater five-minute data to assess the ability to utilize water heater for battery storage and shift loads in response to time-of-use and demand rates
  • Performing and accuracy assessment of meter-based energy savings estimates used for energy efficiency pay-for-performance and on-bill financing programs

Andrea holds a B.S. in Earth & Environmental Science from the University of Michigan. Before joining DSA she worked for Solar United Neighbors and USGS.